The Crew 2 Launch

The Crew

The Crew 2 Launch

Hey guys,

finally it´s here. What we all waited for so long. It´s The Crew 2 lunch day.
The ones of us who are lucky to play early have already tried it. It is an amazing game waiting for you.
So get ready for a hell of a ride. See you in The Crew 2.

Watch The Crew Launch Trailer.




For al the German players out there. Ubisoft worked with German Rapper Summer Cem togeter on an music video, that brings you right in to the atmosphere of the The Crew 2 and the feeling of being part of a Crew.





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Dakar 18: Spectacular new Game play impressions.


Dakar 18: Spectacular new Game play impressions.

Dakar 18 from Bigmoon Entertainment is an exiting new open world game with an huge open Map. Now there are new Game play impressions for this summer announced Race game.

There is still no release date jet. And also we have to wait for an official Game play Trailer. What we get from Bigmoon Entertainment are short Game play clips.

We put all the videos from the E3 week for you together.




Dakar 18 from Bigmoon Entertainment

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Automation &

Announcing Automation & collaboration!

If you are into cars and car games, you’ve probably heard about Automation, the game where you can design and build your own cars in exquisite detail, from the body and chassis right down to the suspension and engine tuning. Automation enjoys a great community of players coming up with incredible cars to share with each other, all while debating the finer points of design.

We are now working with the developers of Automation to get you in the driver seat of your Automation designs. Export your car from Automation to with a single click and take it for a spin! The styling, sound, and mechanical details will all be making the conversion to our game. Not only that, we will be hosting your creations in our mod repository so you can share them with all players of

The cars are not the only focus of our collaboration. We’ve also joined forces to recreate the Automation test track. Set in a mountainous area of New Zealand’s South Island, the map has a challenging roller-coaster of a track layout and many unique features to explore. Do your best to recreate the simulated laps of Automation, or explore the strengths and weaknesses of your designs on different surfaces and obstacles.


In light of this development, our two games will be offered on Steam for a cross promotional sale! If you have either Automation or, this will be the chance to pick up the other for a discount, and join in on the fun.

Keep an eye out for a joint release from and Automation on [b]July 13th[/b]. The cross promotional sale starts then!


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New May Footage from Dakar 18!


New May Footage from Dakar 18!

Rain and mud aren’t enough to stop Kamaz Master’s big machines in Dakar 18!
Get ready to face the damp stages and mystic wonders around Bolivia. Also the sands and dunes of Peru will be waiting for you.

There is progress in the development of Dakar 18. While we are moving closer to the release in this summer.
Here is some new footage from May 2018.


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