Mazda Celebrates 100 Years

Mazda Celebrates 100 Years

30 January, Mazda celebrated a hole century of car engineering. The car company from Hiroshima that made the rotary-powered RX-7, the amazing MX-5 and also accomplished a win at Le Mans 24-hours. Has turned 100 years.

And we almost missed it.

All Mazda did to celebrate his 100 year anniversary was to send out a press release with a comment from president Akira Marumoto and launched a video on social media. They make a big celebration, to which they will invite global media and thousands of fans. This will take place in Hiroshima in late May.

Since the company was founded on the 30th January 1920, they continuously challenged conventions. They constantly rethink car design and engineering.

Hopefully, they will make cars for another 100 years.

Official video of Mazda Motor Europe.

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