There will be a Test Drive Unlimited 3

There will be a Test Drive Unlimited 3

The next Test Drive Unlimited game was confirmed by Benoit Clerc, Head of Publishing at Nacon (before Bigben), to be development by Kylotonn. In an interview with GamesBeat, he said:

……….KT Racing, Kylotonn. They’re based in Paris and Lyon. They’re specialized in racing. They’re doing off-road racing with WRC (World Championship Rally), and they’re doing two-wheel racing with Isle of Man TT. They’re currently working on our biggest project by far, which is the next Test Drive Unlimited game.

Kylotonn made Games like WRC 8 and working also at TT – Isle of Man 2 at the moment. So let´s hope there up to the task making TDU great again.

About the location and other infos there was a reddit post earlier you might find intresting.

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