From Passion to Profession: The Story of Heusinkveld Engineering

Heusinkveld Engineering is a leading manufacturer of advanced simracing products. Founded in 2013 by Niels Heusinkveld and Svend van der Vlugt, the company is driven by a passion for both racing simulation and real racing, with a mission to make simracing products as realistic as possible. With a team of 27 experienced engineers and employees, Heusinkveld produces high-quality products designed and assembled in its own production facility in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Innovation and durability

Innovation and durability are at the core of Heusinkveld’s business. The company’s products are based on integrated kinematic and force models and are rigorously tested for both adjustability and durability. The Sim Pedals Ultimate and Sim Pedals Sprint are highly sought after by both professionals and enthusiasts and are used by teams and drivers in various racing series, including Formula 1 and IndyCar.

Handbrakes, shifters, and rigs

Heusinkveld also offers other sim racing products, such as handbrakes, shifters, and rigs, that are less well-known but of the same high quality as its pedals. The company invests heavily in R&D and takes pride in the fact that its products are used by both hobbyists and professional racing drivers.

Authentic feel

The development of Heusinkveld’s pedals is a complex process. But the company has done much to achieve a more authentic feel, using technologies like integrated kinematic and force models. Despite the high standards, no sim racing pedals currently on the market can perfectly reproduce the feeling of real-life driving, but Heusinkveld continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Close to the real as possible.

However, despite the limitations. Heusinkveld has done a remarkable job in creating pedals that feel as close to the real thing as possible. From the design of the pedals themselves to the engineering behind them, Heusinkveld’s dedication to sim racing is evident.

Flagship product

The company’s flagship product, the Sim Pedals Ultimate, is the result of years of research, development and testing. The pedals are designed with adjustable travel, spring resistance, and pedal heights. So they can be customized to suit each user’s preference. The foot plates are made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability, and the pedal movement is silky smooth, thanks to advanced bearings and bushings.

Sim Pedals Sprint

The Sim Pedals Sprint is another of Heusinkveld’s highly coveted products. Offering a more compact and cost-effective alternative to the Ultimate. Despite being more affordable, the Sprint still packs a punch with its adjustable pedal travel, spring resistance and pedal heights, making it a great choice for sim racers of all levels.


In conclusion, Heusinkveld’s passion for sim racing is evident in all its products. From the company’s beginnings as a two-man operation. To its current position as a leading manufacturer of advanced sim racing products. Heusinkveld has never wavered from its mission. To bring the most realistic racing experience possible to sim racers all over the world.

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