What´s the Cruiseanostra ?

Short answer. The Cruiseanostra is a cruising game Community. But let me explain a little more…

Today, there are a lot of car games. Offroad, Rally, Race simulation and Arcade Racers. All these games have in common that its all about races or making points. Beating each other and who is the best.
Its not so much a Team effort. But the Cruiseanostra is a team.

The Cruiseanostra is more oriented to have fun together not beating each other. We like to drive together in games with big maps and freedom to drive when and where we wont.

Unfortunately, there are not so much Games around you can actually do that. Most games only have round courses. And if they have open Maps. The Map is to small. Also there is the need of being able to play Online with others in groups.

If you put all this together there are only very few games left we can actually play together.
Games like Test Drive I and II and The Crew are games we like to play. And even this games are not perfect for us.

So we made this Homepage to come together and talk about games that fit our needs and to promote our ideas about a new genre of Car Game. A game with a huge map and freedom to drive. Where you can tune your car. Maybe having a nice house to invite your friends for a party. The perfect Cruising game.

Join the Cruiseanostra

So, you also like to drive around in an big online world? You like to play together with others, not beating each other so much? Then Join the Cruiseanostra. And together we will find and fight for our dream game.

You can Register in our Forum, called The Cyber Diner

The Cruiseanostra Team