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LA Canyons first drive

LA Canyons first drive

After years of playing Arcade driving games like The Crew and The Crew 2. Driving in Assetto Corsa is a real challenge for me. I am happy I managed to do a full lap on the new LA Canyons 1.2 Map without crashing to much.

To make things harder I chose Pro settings without any driving aid.

You can download the map here:

I only have the light version of the Assetto Corsa Launcher which dos not support Mods. So I had to copy the Map into the tracks folder myself.

Here is the video of my lap.

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LA Canyons 1.2

LA Canyons 1.2

LA Canyons 1.2 will be released by 02/02/2020. Here we can get a glimpse in to the new version. The free version of the map contains a 42km loop plus additional side roads and turnings. There will also be a paid version of the map with an area of approx. 900kmĀ², and 115km of highways and side roads to explore. The two way traffic is also part of the paid version.

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