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What or who are Cruiseanostra ?

Cruiseanostra is a community of gamers who are interested in cruising games. Weare prioritize the experience of driving together with friends on large, open maps. Rather than competing against each other.

While there are many car games available: Including racing simulations and arcade racers. These often focus on competition and points-scoring rather than cooperative play. Cruiseanostra seeks to promote the idea of a new genre of car games. Games that would offer a vast open world to explore. The ability to customize vehicles, and the option to socialize with friends in-game.

The community gathers on this homepage and in the forum. To discuss suitable games and to advocate for the creation of a “perfect cruising game”. That would meet our needs and preferences.

Example of games we liked so far

The Crew and The Crew 2 are both racing games set in a vast and detailed virtual representation of the United States. Players can explore this world by car, boat, plane, or motorcycle, and play together. The games also offer a rich social experience, allowing players to join or create clubs with other players, share vehicles and upgrades, and engage in cross-country cooperative missions.

Test Drive Unlimited and Test Drive Unlimited 2 are similar in many ways. But with a focus on the tropical island of Oahu in Hawaii. Players can explore this vast and detailed world on foot, by car, or by motorcycle, and participate in races, challenges, and events with other players. The games also offer a rich social experience. With player-created communities, shared garages, and in-game events that bring players together in real-time.

What all these games have in common. Is their commitment to delivering an open-world racing experience that is both immersive and social. Players can spend hours exploring these vast virtual landscapes, discovering hidden challenges. Here players can play together instead of playing against each other

The games “The Crew”, “The Crew 2”, “Test Drive Unlimited”, and “Test Drive Unlimited 2” are leading examples. What an open-world racing game can be. With vast and detailed virtual landscapes. A rich social experience, and thrilling racing action, these games offer something for every racing fan. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre. These games are sure to provide hours of fun and excitement. for player who like to play together.

Join the Cruiseanostra ?

If you are interested in driving and exploring a vast online world with others. Rather than competing against them. Consider joining the Cruiseanostra. As a community, we seek out and advocate for games that allow us to play cooperatively and have fun together. By joining us, you can be a part of this effort and help us achieve our dream of finding the perfect cruising game.

You can Register in our Forum, called The Cyber Diner

The Cruiseanostra Team