Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown News

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown offers players an authentic and personalized dealership experience. That allows them to choose and customize their dream car in the game. The game rewards the efforts of players to earn enough money to purchase their favorite cars. With TDUSC, players can choose the car that reflects their style and personality. The game offers 14 specialist dealerships located throughout Hong Kong Island. Each featuring different brands, as well as Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown News


Solar Crown Workshops are also available for players to customize their cars with various modifications, such as suspensions, gearboxes, and engine configurations. Players can also customize the look of their cars with a full or partial paint job, metallic, matte, pearlescent, and chrome paint jobs, as well as hundreds of stickers and decals.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown News

Reputation level

However, access to the modifications available for the cars depends on the Reputation level of the players. The Solar Crown organization has rules, and players must be tied to the Sharps and Streets to unlock unique customization options specific to each clan.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown News

Large community spaces

According to Alain Jarniou, Creative Director, Workshops are large community spaces where players can customize their cars, see what other players have done to their own vehicles, and discuss the best configurations with other players. TDUSC offers a driving simulation accessible for those who want an experience that can be picked up and played, yet challenging for those who enjoy spending time tweaking configurations and adapting their cars to match their driving style and optimal performance in various race conditions.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown News

Move around freely

In TDUSC, players have the opportunity to move around freely within the dealership, interact with the cars, and even start the engine to appreciate the comfort, try out the horn, and make an informed decision before purchasing their dream car.

TDU SC Dealership

Newsletter every month

The Solar Crown organization plans to release a new newsletter every month with new topics and more news. However, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will not be featured at the next conference on March 9, 2023. But more exclusive information about the game and gameplay will be shared every month.

TDU SC Dealership


Overall, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown promises to offer players a realistic and personalized dealership experience that allows them to customize their dream car and win the next races in style.

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