Pacific Drive Survival Game

Coming to Playstation 5 & PC in 2023

Dangerous route in the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Drive Survival Game is developed by Ironwood Studios. In which the player drives a car through a surreal and dangerous route in the Pacific Northwest. That is collapsing into pockets of unreality. The player’s car is their lifeline and they can upgrade and repair it in a garage between runs. The goal is to reach the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. To uncover the mystery behind the events occurring there. The game is influenced by other horror settings. Such as Silent Hill and The Last of Us and will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2023.

Pacific Drive Survival Game

In Pacific Drive your car is your lifeline

With the car as your lifeline, you’ll unravel a long-forgotten mystery as you make your way to the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone in the Pacific Drive Survival Game.


  • Drive hard and keep your tools handy: repair your car, swap out parts, and gather useful materials
  • Outrun the storm while facing strange perils in a world that shifts with every journey into the Zone
  • Scavenge resources to craft new equipment for your car and build new stations in your garage
  • Your car, your way – configure your wagon how you want, experimenting with different equipment to navigate a treacherous landscape, and look good doing it
  • Unravel the mystery of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, an abandoned research site in an anomaly-filled version of the Pacific Northwest
  • Original score by Wilbert Roget, II and featuring 15+ licensed songs

About Ironwood Studios

Since its founding in 2019, Ironwood Studios has been hard at work on Pacific Drive , and extremely proud to be working with PlayStation to bring it to life. The team’s passion stems from a love of road trips and the relationship between the driver and the car, always dreaming about surreal worlds and the Pacific Northwest – two things that feature prominently in the game. Ironwood’s goal is to create games that inspire players to tell their own stories, with systems that work together to create unexpected and unique experiences.

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