Update on Need for Speed Unbound DLC plans

EA’s arcade racing game, Need for Speed Unbound, has been available for nearly two months, and fans have been curious about the future of the game. In the past, Electronic Arts has been criticized for abandoning games like Need for Speed Heat after launch. Leaving fans without any new content or updates. However, EA has now announced plans to support Need for Speed Unbound with free content updates this year.

In the first Under the Hood blog post of the year, EA reaffirmed its commitment to the game. Stating that the free DLC will include “new features, experiences, content drops and more.” The company has not provided any specific details about the DLC, but has stated that it will share more information in March.

Need for Speed Unbound DLC

Expanding social play features

EA also acknowledged the importance of player feedback and participation in the global Need for Speed community. Stating that it continues to drive the ongoing work on the game. The company encourages players to continue providing feedback, suggestions, and reporting bugs and issues. Also assures fans that they are excited to have them along for the ride.

EA confirmed that the first DLC update will expand social play features.EA will add new modes. Such as cop chases and night-time free roam, to expand the multiplayer component of the game, which was missing these modes at launch.

Subsequent updates will then add “new modes and features, cars, customisation content and more.” Overall, this announcement is a positive step for EA and Criterion Games and give hope for the players that the game will continue to be developed and improved in the future.

Need for Speed Unbound DLC

First update

In addition to announcing plans for DLC, EA has also released the first update for Need for Speed Unbound on all platforms. The update, version 1.1.4, includes stability improvements and adjustments to the balance of certain cars.


Golf GTI 1976

Rebalanced the Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) to reduce its acceleration in high gears
Fixed an issue with the Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) that caused its gearbox options to not affect its top speed, as expected

Koenigsegg Regera

Reduced the top-end acceleration of the Koenigsegg Regera and adjusted its cornering ability


Improved the quality of VOIP for our PS5 players


Added a warning message when the game fails to autosave correctly to reduce potential of lost progress


Added a warning message when the game detects a below min spec configuration


Multiple stability improvements to reduce the potential for game crashes
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