The Crew 3 announced as Motorfest

The Crew 3 on the Hawaiian Islands

Ubisoft has announced the latest installment of the popular racing franchise, The Crew Motorfest from Ubisoft. This new chapter takes place on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii. Offering players a vast open world filled with hundreds of legendary vehicles to explore and race with.

The ultimate open-world action-driving experience

The Crew 3 Motorfest builds upon the success of previous games in the series. Promising to deliver the ultimate open-world action-driving experience. Players will be able to race through the bustling city streets of Honolulu. Traverse the slopes of an active volcano. Eexplore the lush rainforests, drift through mountainous roads, or simply relax on the sunny beaches.

The evergreen car culture festival

At the center of the game is the evergreen car culture festival, Motorfest. Which offers players a never-ending series of races, events, and unique challenges. No matter your preferred style of driving, there is something for everyone in The Crew 3 Motorfest.

The release date for this open-world driving game is set for 2023, developed by Ubisoft Ivory Tower Studio. Join the festival and experience the best car culture has to offer in the beautiful Hawaiian open world.

The Crew Motorfest Insider Program

Register now for a chance to participate in the Insider Program and test the game before release!

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