Thrustmaster direct drive wheelbase revealed

Thrustmaster has released a new direct drive wheelbase called the T818. It features a quick-release system that is not compatible with Fanatec or Moza rims. The T818 delivers a constant torque of 10 Nm, which is sufficient for most drivers at the amateur level. It also provides players with raw, detailed data from the game for a more immersive simulation experience.


The Thrustmaster T818 direct drive wheelbase is priced at £599.99/€649.99/$649.99. This price only includes the base and does not include a wheel rim or pedals. It is currently only available for PC and comes with a quick release adapter to use with existing Thrustmaster rims. All existing Thrustmaster peripherals are also compatible with the T818.

Release date

The Thrustmaster T818 is currently available for pre-order in the EU Thrustmaster shop for European customers. It is expected to ship before Christmas, with limited quantities available and additional waves being released on December 26 and in January. US customers will be able to purchase the wheelbase from March 2023.

Edit: 10,01,2023 New review from Sim Racing Garage

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