New MOZA HGP shifter is now available

MOZA Racing, a well-known brand in the sim racing community. Has unveiled its latest addition to the lineup of sim racing peripherals, the MOZA HGP Shifter. This H-pattern shifter features seven forward gears and one reverse gear. Designed to replicate the gearbox used in classic road cars, such as the Porsche 911.

This shifter is built to last,

Made from aviation-grade aluminum. This shifter is built to last. With a dust-proof cover to prevent dust from entering the internal mechanism, and a shock-absorbing damping system to provide a realistic and satisfying shifting experience. The gear knob is also removable, with standard automotive threading, allowing for customization options.

Intelligent auto throttle blip system

One of the standout features of the MOZA HGP Shifter is its “intelligent auto throttle blip system,”. W hich eliminates the need for heel-and-toe shifting when downshifting. This system blips the throttle in-game, resulting in smoother and also more efficient gear changes. This feature can be adjusted using MOZA’s Pit House PC software.

Compatible with PCs via USB

While this shifter only works as an H-pattern shifter, not as a sequential shifter, it is compatible with PCs via USB or through the MOZA universal hub and compatible bases. It is also easy to mount on most racing rigs, with a dedicated desk clamp available separately.

Available starting from 20th February 2023

The MOZA HGP Shifter is priced at $149 and is available starting from 20th February 2023. With its solid build quality and innovative features, it’s a compelling option for sim racers looking to take their driving experience to the next level.

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