Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbases

Asetek Simsports, the Danish company that recently entered the sim racing hardware and software market, has officially announced the Invicta Sim Racing Pedals and revealed a prototype of its upcoming Invicta Direct Drive wheelbase at the 2022 Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany.

Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbases

The company aimed to develop the best sim racing wheelbases on the market, and the Forte® 18Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase is the result of thousands of man-hours of development from the ground-up of electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, test, and validation. Asetek Simsports has implemented IP from market-leading vendors and teamed up with Mige, a well-known motor supplier to sim racing, to create a range of direct drive wheelbases from 12-27Nm, featuring an unrivaled driving experience, leaving cogging and lagging in ancient history.

Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbases

High-end 22-bit encoder

Each Asetek SimSports wheelbase features a high-end 22-bit encoder, slipring, and electronics, providing smooth, super responsive, and precise feedback to the driver, where even the smallest bumps and curbs on the road can be felt. With a resolution of 0,000085 degrees, or roughly 4.000.000 steps in just one revolution of the wheel, Asetek SimSports wheelbases provide a true high-fidelity driver experience at a competitive price point.

Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbases

Invicta and Forte wheelbases

According to some early reviews. The Invicta and Forte wheelbases offer the best force feedback and raw detail in terms of communicating what the car is doing. With a significantly lower price point than the likes of the Simucube 2 Ultimate. Additionally, Asetek SimSports’ clean software integrates the entire ecosystem into one convenient package. The wheelbases feature a convenient quick release with upcoming partner wheel support. Allowing third-party wheels to be connected in a cable-free manner.

High performance and precision

Overall, Asetek SimSports has created a range of wheelbases that offer high performance and precision without breaking the bank. Providing users with the quality and durability they have come to expect from the company. Designed to last and engineered, assembled, and tested in Denmark, the Asetek SimSports wheelbases are a worthy addition to any sim racer’s setup.

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Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbases


  • Asetek Simsports’ Invicta Sim Racing Pedals
  • Invicta Direct Drive wheelbase prototype
  • Forte® 18Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • High-end 22-bit encoder, slipring, and electronics for smooth, responsive, and precise feedback
  • 0.000085 degrees resolution or roughly 4.000.000 steps in just one revolution of the wheel
  • Aluminum and steel construction for durability
  • Designed to last, engineered, assembled, and tested in Denmark
  • Competitive pricing without sacrificing performance and precision
  • Offers Force Feedback with raw detail and clear communication
  • Smooth operation without filtering
  • Polarizing Forte Wheel design with a rigid construction and ergonomic layout
  • Clean software for seamless integration with the ecosystem
  • Consistent Force Feedback quality between different sim titles
  • High general build quality
  • Relatively small form factor for easy monitor placement
  • Convenient Quick Release with upcoming partner wheel support
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