Rev to Vertex Free Demo on Steam

Rev to Vertex” available as a free demo on steam. (R2V) Is a new racing simulation game set to take the gaming world by storm. Developed by Plutonization, a small team of Grand Prix racers in Hong Kong. R2V offers a unique racing experience unlike any other rally or circuit game. Instead of simply crossing a finish line. Players engage in touge battle races against rival street racers, drifting through the hills and city streets of Hong Kong.

"Rev to Vertex" (R2V) is a new racing simulation game Rev to Vertex Free Demo on Steam

Realistic driving physics

One of the key features of R2V is its realistic driving physics and battle system. The game uses geospatial data and 3D point cloud Lidar scans of Hong Kong. Obtained from the government, to create a 1-to-1 accurate representation of the city. This allows players to truly immerse themselves in the virtual racing world. Challenging themselves against the roads and weather conditions of Hong Kong.

"Rev to Vertex" (R2V) is a new racing simulation game

Customize and mod your vehicles

Players also have the ability to fully customize and mod their vehicles, ensuring that they always look and perform at their best. The game’s maps are currently set in Hong Kong, but will expand to other locations in future updates.

"Rev to Vertex" (R2V) is a new racing simulation game

Devel Sixteen, a 5,000 horsepower supercar

R2V made headlines recently when it was announced that the game will feature the Devel Sixteen. A 5,000 horsepower supercar developed by the United Arab Emirates company Devel Motors. This marks the car’s first appearance in a licensed game and was celebrated with a signing ceremony in Hong Kong, attended by the president of Devel Motors and professional racer Mr Darryl O’Young, who test-drove the Devel Sixteen in R2V and gave his positive feedback on its power and speed.

Devel Sixteen, a 5,000 horsepower supercar

Free Demo

A free demo of R2V is now available on Steam, giving players a chance to experience the thrill of racing in Hong Kong for themselves. So get ready to rev your engines and race your way to the top in “Rev to Vertex”.

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