rFactor 2 Long Beach GP Street Circuit

rFactor 2, a popular racing simulation game. Is set to release the Long Beach Grand Prix Street Circuit in February 2023. The announcement was made by Studio 397 track team. Who built the virtual recreation of the iconic street circuit using the latest laser scan data. Long Beach Grand Prix Street Circuit is known for its beautiful, technical and challenging nature. With drivers and fans alike lauding it as a circuit that feels right for almost any car, from tin top to open wheel to long distance endurance.

Packed with details

The Long Beach Grand Prix Street Circuit is packed with details and quality that push it towards the top of the pile of circuits produced recently for rFactor 2. From the famous dive around the majestic water fountain to the ever-present threat of concrete barriers lining the circuit. This track promises to thrill racers from beginning to end.

rFactor 2 Long Beach GP Street Circuit

The first turn

The first turn of the track is not really a corner. More of a high-speed kink that most cars can take at full throttle without too much difficulty. However, the rough road surface adds to the challenge, making it more daunting than it appears on paper. The second turn is exceptionally fast with some fierce braking zones and a bumpy surface, but also drivers must be careful not to stray over the pit exit lines and attract a penalty.

rFactor 2 Long Beach GP Street Circuit

Highlights of the circuit

One of the highlights of the circuit is the famous Long Beach fountain, around which the circuit navigates. The circuit here narrows rapidly as racers thread the needle between the flowerbeds and raised curbing. Inviting aggressive use of curbs and also skimming of walls. With the best drivers exercising patience and precision for the greatest rewards.

rFactor 2 Long Beach GP Street Circuit

An unusual corner for a street circuit

Turn 5 is an unusual corner for a street circuit. As it widens noticeably, inviting drivers to approach this right-hand corner with a lot more speed than they would initially expect, but with the potential for disaster looming due to the outer retaining walls. Turn 6 is slightly riskier and more important for lap time. As the best drivers concentrate on using the full width of the road to extend the corner and get on the power earlier. With additional speed carrying them all the way down the next section of the track.

rFactor 2 Long Beach GP Street Circuit

Fantastic opportunity for drivers

Turn 7 presents a fantastic opportunity for drivers to grab as much speed onto the long backstretch up into the kink of 8 and tight right of 9. It is absolutely critical to get this corner right for a strong lap at Long Beach. As any speed gained here will be carried all the way down the long backstretch. Offering laptime in time attack mode. Also a great opportunity to close in and eventually pass a rival during a race session.


The Long Beach Grand Prix Street Circuit promises to be a challenging and also exciting addition to rFactor 2. I am sure racing enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on it this February.

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